Bespoke Video Services

Bespoke Video Services

Strictly speaking, every project that Event Video Services undertake is bespoke, as we always tailor to the needs of the client. We recognise the value of this approach and would never attempt to stick rigidly to a preset way of working. A flexibile way of working benefits both us and the client by making better use of our time and achieving a better result than would otherwise be possible. This then leads to the likelihood of repeat business and recommendations which is ideal.

Some examples of bespoke video services:

  • Editing video on the client’s premises and with the client on hand to provide feedback and play an active part in the process.
  • Recording video onto a dvd for immediate viewing and feedback from a panel. This works particularly well for training. The trainee can be given the DVD at the end of the session or it can be uploaded to the client’s website where appropriate.
  • Filming an event, say a wedding ceremony, where the video is recorded directly to DVD. Duplicates are made on site using our mobile editing and duplicating facilities and can be handed out to guests at the end of the day.
  • Preparing video for a presentation and embedding it in powerpoint for the client. This is very popular with small businesses who are approaching potential funders.

One of our clients, The Law Society of Scotland, runs training programmes for those who are learning to defend cases in court. We film each delegate giving their presentation to a panel of judges. Each presentation is then played back while feedback is given. The delegates are given their pre-labelled DVD at the end of the course which they can look back on.

Bespoke video production does not have to cost a fortune! For most work we charge by the hour and are happy to give an idea of the final cost if possible, and can also work to a set budget if necessary.

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