Promotional Video Production



Promotional Video Production

Promotional video production, realistically, covers almost everything that Event Video Services do. A good video clip will always help to promote you, but there are a few delivery methods which can be used to maximise the impact.

Podcasting, YouTube, MySpace, DVDs, plasma screens and video adverts are all ways that one single clip can be distributed, making the most of the work done. Below are a few specific scenarios in which a client benefits from our promotional video services; of course any combination of the examples can be used:

  • A series of podcasts featuring footage of a car show. The video promotes the event holder and their sponsors. Being a podcast it is easily found by viewers and as a result the event becomes more known, the sponsor is delighted with the higher profile and resulting coverage. Any press coverage can be backed up with the podcast – when a viewer goes to the website address printed in the article there is a link to download the podcasts.
  • A mountain bike event is broadcast live on the internet as a show. The footage of the riders is mixed with interviews and other clips, as well as sponsor adverts. After the event a quick turnaround ensures that a whole series of clips are made into a podcast which can be downloaded onto iPods and mobile phones. In addition a DVD is made and handed out free with a top mountain biking magazine.
  • A charity fashion show held at a premiere venue – the cameras are there to capture the action and display it live on the plasma screens. The audience feel the ‘wow factor’ of seeing the action on the screens as well as in person. A podcast and DVD are created after the event; the podcast increases the awareness of the charity and the venue, whilst the DVD is sold to the attendees to raise more money for the charity. The venue play the DVD on their plasma screens to promote themselves and the venue as a place to hold future events!

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