Video Podcast Production

Video Podcast Production

Podcasting is a great way to promote your brand and reach new customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional TV and radio advertising. By providing content which is of value (informative/entertaining) to the viewer the job of marketing is mostly done as the viewer will find the content themselves! Of course the more promotion your clips receive the more viewers you will reach.

EVS will handle your podcasting requirements from start to finish, including the hosting of the clips.

The most popular podcast directory, iTunes, makes it very easy to search thousands of video and audio clips to find what you are looking for. Most podcasts have a sponsor (a newspaper, company, nightclub etc), and many will utilize a famous personality or popular event to attract viewers and increase awareness. Good results can, however, be achieved on a tighter budget if thought is given to the target audience, objectives of the podcast and time is spent on the finishing and presentation.

TimesOnline sponsors a series of vodcasts in which Gordon Ramsay talks through a number of recipes – a new one released each week. A lot of reviewers have slated this vodcast for the poor standard of filming but the content is certainly there. It promotes the Times as a brand, it’s online section, and the fact that they print a new recipe by Gordon Ramsay every Tuesday, just a shame it hadn’t been done a bit better!

The processor manufacturer Intel uses vodcasts very successfully. Consumer and Enterprise Communications Manager, Bill Kircos quotes on vodcasting being ‘a way to place a more emotional face on a company or brand’. The company runs a number of podcasts promoting their products and events, using clips of speeches and interviews, often filmed at shows.

Most events (music, sports, arts etc) will benefit from promotion by podcasting when professionally produced and promoted properly. Event Video Services specialise in making high quality promotional video clips for the internet. Give us a call for more information and details.

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