Video Testimonials



Video Testimonials

You know that you offer a great service that your clients are happy with but how do you convey that to someone who has just found your website and has never heard of your company? A written testimonial is better than nothing, but the common perception is that most testimonials are made up! Video testimonials immediately remove the sceptical response to their written counterparts as the person is clearly seen to be confirming the reference of the individual or company to the viewer. A video testimonial created by Event Video Services will display your professionalism and enhance your reputation to any potential clients who visit your website.

In the online world, where patience and attention span is thin on the ground, this sets your company apart from the rest and gives you the edge over your competitors.

For your convenience there is no need for your client to come to our studio as we can go to them, saving a lot of time and expense for both parties. Being onsite ensures your clients will take the necessary time out for filming.

Event Video Services will not compromise on the integrity of our video testimonials by giving a script to an actor to read. All of our clips are delivered only by customers and clients of the company commissioning the clip.

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