Live Event Broadcasting

Live Event Broadcasting

Filming the event, meeting, product launch, press release or seminar and broadcasting it allows more people to view it while at the same time helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on travel, accommodation and lost work time.

Event Video Services use a locally based video hosting company for our live event broadcasting which ensures that your viewers receive the best viewing experience possible no matter where in the world they are located. IFDNRG have specialised in handling the technical side of live online broadcasting since 2004. Recently IFDNRG have handled live online broadcasting of the SNP conferences. No matter where your viewers are based they are guaranteed a perfect viewing experience.

All of the filming, live vision mixing and broadcasting required is provided by Event Video Services, using our team of experienced professionals and specific equipment. Costs are very competitive – an event can be broadcast live for as little as £1,000!

In addition to the live broadast the footage acquired can be used to make a DVD, podcast or website clip. In many instances these are useful for promotion, marketing, brand building and can even be put on the company intranet to involve staff and can be shown in a wide range of places such as trade shows, taxis, conference centres, waiting rooms and any other place where there are potential viewers.

If you realise that your business will benefit from having a professional video clip filmed, or you have an event which you would like to be broadcast to the world or used on your website then give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

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