HR & Training Video

HR & Training Video



A more effective and flexible approach to training!

There is a now an easy to use, cost-effective solution – Interactive training videos. Now your staff can train the flexible way – by watching video clips on your existing intranet site or DVD. They can choose only the parts relevant to them and can go back over a section again if need be. If required you can include a testing option where the trainees are tested on what they have just learned. With a system like this your staff can be trained any time that suits your timeline!

An added bonus is the ability to go back over points as the need arises. If a staff member is about to start using a system that is new to them, but they did the training last month, it’s easy to refresh their memory by going directly to the clip covering that specific point – just select it from the training menu. This helps to eradicate mistakes, reduce time wasting and will therefore save you money!

…of course it is not just training videos there’s lots more scope to choose from – a video of a product launch on your intranet will help to keep sales staff abreast of progress in the company. A clip of a staff day out will raise spirits and morale.

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