JustBanking Conference

Andrew volunteered to film the JustBanking conference which was held in Edinburgh on 20th April 2012. It turned out to be a lot more work than anticipated (lots of editing) but worth it as there was no media coverage of this event, apart from some interest in the Bank of England representative.

The lack of unbiased media coverage was the main driver for volunteering for this. From 2008 we have been told that nobody could have seen this coming, even though several of the speakers at this event had predicted it since 2003!

The videos from the event are on YouTube and Vimeo under a Creative Commons license. Please share them with friends and re-edit them if you like.


Presentation files:

Josh Ryan-Collins – Money and Banks: Some Poorly Understood Fundamentals
Ben Dyson – JustBanking Presentation
Mary Mellor – JustBanking Presentation
Huw Davies – Money Has the Power to Change the World
Richard Werner – How to Make Banks Socially Useful
Ann Pettifor – Five Tools & Six Steps towards global economic recovery: making finance servant, not master of the economy
Steve Keen – Why banks cause crises (and how to stop them)

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